MMXVI: The Reaper Bent and Plucked My One White Rose

by Mitigate

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This is compilation of all Mitigate music released in 2016, including two bonus tracks "The Rain Will End Someday" and "Ether"


released December 7, 2016

All music written my Michael Iverson



all rights reserved


Mitigate Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Atmospheric Sludge from the Midwest.

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Track Name: I
Run in entropy, fall to ruin.
Climb the peak of everlasting grace
Arrows of the mind go forth and become
I've been hiding from what was said
Guard my heart from your words
Beneath the soil
When they put you down I could still see you
Running away, become everything you can't
And the roots anchor you down to something you wanted all along, and I watch from afar
The roots entangle you and pull you underneath
How sweet the cries at night, just to keep you away
Track Name: II
Open the flood
Cause of anguish
Burn the answer we've been seeking
Search the wreckage
As I pick the pieces
Of destruction you chose
Forever lost, forever unknown
I've been the darkness
Adopted from all you brought me
It's encasing everything
I've no longer the strength to fight it
Let me die in pain
Leave me be
Track Name: III
Burn with the brightest flame
I'm burning just to live
There's a sadness I've come to know, there's a pit I've always known
Bring forth the liar and make him known to all
Being apart pains me
The embers of all I am, spewing smoke
A frost from within

I am the only one you've ever known
I am but dust in the wind, carry me away
Track Name: Bury Me Between Twin Oaks
As the sun dies,
what hath man to look forward to but his own destruction?
No home, no family, no future, no present, no past.
I am but a shell and I have run my course.
Put me down.
When I die, bury me between the twin oaks.
So I may serve as a monument to my failures.
And when the maggots come to feast,
you will be far away in space and time.
So that these roots will never bind you too.
For you see, I was created to be here.
Born into darkness to die in darkness.
Void of will
Void of faith
Void of hope
Void of spirit
Void of you
And you took all from me
Track Name: Mire
Press the needle, deeper and deeper
Break the skin, bleed me dry
Setting forth an age of consecration
The mire grows around me
Sweeping forth, conquering the mind
When will I break away from it?
Searching by candle, the way is dark and I’ve lost my way
The moon no longer shines in the depths of despair
I no longer hear your voice, guiding me home
Guide me home, the gears of entropy begin to rust
Mire of Fear takes its hold
Track Name: Tread
There’s nothing to be said about how you walked out on us
Beyond the wandering light, just out of our reach
The energies unfold to reveal the absence of light that we craved
We are the sons and daughters of abandonment
We come to you now with solace in hand
It’s all we’ll know till we die
I want to be put to rest and never wake up to your face again
The agony courses through veins
Gnashing teeth just to block the pain
I’ve seen your eyes in this darkness that envelopes me
I tried to be everything and instead I became nothing to you
Leave me no roses, I could never amount to anything
Not even worth the energy to keep living
Agony courses through my veins
Gnashing teeth just to block the pain
Of realization that I will die for no one
Track Name: Pale Reflection
The years have taken their toll
My reflection but a shallow replication
Breaking glass just to quell the image
Cuts of glass and blood litter the room
A fitting representation of what I’ve done to myself
City Skylines on the horizon, and their my failures will meet me again.
Don’t wait for me
I’m not worth the wait
Just leave
Track Name: Burden
So here I stand in your presence
Your eyes ever so fixated
I tried and failed you
Maybe there’s nothing for me here
With constant aggression seeping into the air
You move with caution
And slip out the door
Leaving me alone once again
The burden of life has found me once again
Just a vice against my life
Track Name: Architects of Determinism
last light before I shut my eyes,
there is peace within now that I've cut ties,
the cancer is finally gone,
no doubt you were the plague in my life,
choking the roots just to keep us down,
flightless birds now taken to the sky,
abandon the old gods of time,
we are alone destined to suffer,
who will be the authors,
who will be the architects,
of our future
Track Name: Remember Me
into despair once again,
As the eyes of above watch me drown,
ever further into the abyss,
wander farther away from me,
leaving my arms to be where I cannot be,
be strong on the winds like I could not,
with unwavering strength,
the dogs of turmoil rip and tear my body,
I cannot fight them,
with gasping breathe I call your name,
I tried to be your foundation and keep you safe,
the light is fading fast and all I ask of you: remember me
Track Name: Devotion
The days grow long,
how I wish it was night,
there's a comfort in darkness that light can't provide,
portraits of past regrets and new mistakes,
please stay if only for a moment,
there's so much I have to say,
I can't live with you in my way.
Keep dashing my head against the stone.
You're in my way, what am I supposed to do?
All you ever cared for was your fucking betterment, but what about me? You keep fucking digging this knife into me,
I don't care anymore,
this familiar pain is normal now.
Keep longing,
keep searching
for what will never come.
Track Name: Ether
An ethereal shroud hangs above us
You've been taken from us once again
To be in a fragile state of embodiment
The Reaper bent and took you away
Bind us to this world and travel where we cannot
This destination of finality set in stone
Are you in the clouds?
are you in the ground?
Can you even hear us at all?
I clasp my hands together and fall to my knees, but I will not call to You
To ascend beyond cosmic landscapes and be one with the darkness
We all miss you