Circles of Separation

by Mitigate

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Circles of Separation is an album focusing on the pain one feels when disconnecting from those they have/had loved, the struggle with hopelessness, and finding the strength to continue living.


released July 16, 2016

All instruments, arrangements and vocals by Michael Iverson



all rights reserved


Mitigate Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Atmospheric Sludge from the Midwest.

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Track Name: Mire
Press the needle, deeper and deeper
Break the skin, bleed me dry
Setting forth an age of consecration
The mire grows around me
Sweeping forth, conquering the mind
When will I break away from it?
Searching by candle, the way is dark and I’ve lost my way
The moon no longer shines in the depths of despair
I no longer hear your voice, guiding me home
Guide me home, the gears of entropy begin to rust
Mire of Fear takes its hold
Track Name: Tread
There’s nothing to be said about how you walked out on us
Beyond the wandering light, just out of our reach
The energies unfold to reveal the absence of light that we craved
We are the sons and daughters of abandonment
We come to you now with solace in hand
It’s all we’ll know till we die
I want to be put to rest and never wake up to your face again
The agony courses through veins
Gnashing teeth just to block the pain
I’ve seen your eyes in this darkness that envelopes me
I tried to be everything and instead I became nothing to you
Leave me no roses, I could never amount to anything
Not even worth the energy to keep living
Agony courses through my veins
Gnashing teeth just to block the pain
Of realization that I will die for no one
Track Name: Pale Reflection
The years have taken their toll
My reflection but a shallow replication
Breaking glass just to quell the image
Cuts of glass and blood litter the room
A fitting representation of what I’ve done to myself
City Skylines on the horizon, and their my failures will meet me again.
Don’t wait for me
I’m not worth the wait
Just leave
Track Name: Burden
So here I stand in your presence
Your eyes ever so fixated
I tried and failed you
Maybe there’s nothing for me here
With constant aggression seeping into the air
You move with caution
And slip out the door
Leaving me alone once again
The burden of life has found me once again
Just a vice against my life